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Pipe & Excavation Contracting, Revised

Pipeline contracting can be rewarding work and a profitable sideline for any excavation contractor. But not everyone who owns a backhoe is ready to start bidding water, sewer and drainage jobs. This practical manual can help you develop the skills needed to succeed as an underground utility contractor.

This popular manual has been updated and improved to bring it more current with modern earthmoving and trenching equipment, refined excavation techniques, stricter safety rules, and improved materials. Here you’ll find how to enter and succeed in the underground utility business. Includes hands-on instructions for operating the equipment and doing the trenching, pipe laying and connecting work and answers to what causes so many skilled equipment operators and pipelayers to fail when they try to start their own business.

Learn how to find the right kind of work, read and compute quantities from the plans, figure realistic crew and equipment productivity rates, consider job variables, calculate your O & P, then estimate and bid the job, and get the bonds you need. Also, how to deal with change orders and liquidated damages, choosing the right equipment, and handling safety issues.

When it comes to doing the actual work, you’ll find the combined expertise of two long-time professionals, explaining how to follow and read the surveyor’s reference stakes; how to check grade and line with an optical level, transit and pipe laser, and how to use GPS systems. See the best ways to clear the site, including asphalt and rock; handle rock, steep slopes and high groundwater; meet compaction requirements; install septic tanks and drain fields; all common types of water and sewer pipe, and how to do subsurface excavation.

This new edition includes detailed coverage of the various pipe, joints and fittings now available, and is filled with photos, diagrams, charts, checklists and examples to help you build a career as a successful pipeline contractor.

Learn how to read plans and compute quantities for both trench and surface excavation, figure crew and equipment productivity rates, estimate unit costs, bid the work, and get the bonds you need.

Pipe & Excavation Contracting explains what equipment will deliver maximum productivity for a job, how to lay all types of water and sewer pipe, and how to switch your business to excavation work when you don't have pipe contracts.

This book covers asphalt and rock removal, working on steep slopes or in high groundwater, and how to avoid the pitfalls that can wipe out your profits on any job.

Information covered includes:

Getting the Job:
  • Finding work you should bid
  • Dealing with the contracting authority
  • Reading plans and computing quantities (for both trench and surface excavation)
  • Figuring realistic crew and equipment productivity rates (cycle times)
  • Estimating unit costs
  • Bidding rock work
  • Adding your overhead and profit
  • Keeping the errors out
  • Getting the bonds you need
A complete sample estimate is included for your reference.

Doing the Work:
  • Following the surveyor's reference stakes
  • Checking grade and line with an optical level
  • Transit and pipe laser
  • Clearing the site
  • The best ways to remove asphalt and rock (with splitters and explosives)
  • The best ways to handle steep slopes or high groundwater (including dewatering)
Separate chapters explain how to install all common types of water and sewer pipe.

How to choose the right equipment and use it to your best advantage:
  • Track and wheel backhoes
  • Loaders
  • Dozers
  • Graders
  • Scrapers
  • Trucks
  • Compactors
  • Shoring
  • Trench boxes
This book is filled with pictures, drawings, charts, checklists and examples to help you build a career as a successful pipeline contractor.

The Author: Dave Roberts has been in heavy construction for over twenty years. He has worked as a laborer/pipe layer and heavy-equipment operator for several companies, later moving into positions as estimator and superintendent. An acknowledged expert on heavy equipment operation, his reviews of new construction equipment and articles on excavation work have been published by several heavy construction magazines. He now operates his own heavy construction contracting company, working on projects in the northwestern states.

Includes: Book
By: Dave Roberts, Revised by Dan Atcheson
Published by: Craftsman Book Company
ISBN: 978-1-57218-266-0
328 Pages, 8-1/2 x 11

Pipe & Excavation Contracting, Revised pen-c12$35.00

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