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Estimating Home Building Costs, Revised

Estimate every phase of residential construction from site costs to the profit margin you include in your bid.

Accurate estimates are the foundation of a successful construction business. Leave an item out of your original estimate and it can take the profit out of your entire job.

To overcome the common bugaboo of leaving something important out, this practical guide to estimating home construction costs has been updated with digital Excel estimating forms and worksheets that ensure accurate and complete estimates for your residential projects. Load the enclosed CD-ROM into your computer and create your own estimate as you follow along with the step-by-step techniques in this book.

Clear, simple instructions show how to estimate labor and material costs for each stage of construction, from site clearing to figuring your markup and profit. Every chapter includes a sample cost estimate worksheet that lists all the materials to be estimated. You’ll never miss an item again. On the CD all these worksheets are provided as Excel spreadsheets. The final chapter shows you how to figure your markup and profit to arrive at a sales price

This practical handbook takes the contractor through each phase of estimating residential construction, including:
  • Buying the site
  • Acquiring permits and services
  • Site clearing and excavation
  • Footing and foundation material and labor: concrete, masonry, basements and waterproofing
  • Floor systems material and labor: sill plates, girders, ledgers, joists, hangers, headers, bridging, and subfloors
  • Stairways: including how to calculate rise and run, tread depth, and stringer length
  • Walls and ceilings: studs, headers, sheathing, bracing, and joists
  • Rafter and roof framing: including calculating rafter length, ridges, rafter supports, trusses, roof sheathing
  • Roofing materials: underlayment, flashing, ventilation, shingles, and subcontractor costs
  • Interior finishes and trim: drywall, painting, molding, floor coverings, kitchens and bathrooms
  • Exterior and interior trim and finish materials: windows, doors, siding, brick materials, and labor
  • Concrete for floors, walkways and patios
  • Overhead and profit, including setting your sales price
Estimating Home Building Costs has Step-by-step instructions, with helpful illustrations, tables, charts and sample calculations show how to figure manhours and arrive at an accurate estimate of labor and material costs.

Many builders and estimators make the mistake of estimating residential construction costs by the square foot or cubic foot. This method may be all right for a ballpark figure, but the cost of a house can vary by many thousands of dollars without adding one square foot to its size.

Specialized Cost Estimate Worksheet at the end of each chapter list every item in each area of construction and virtually eliminates the risk of an omission. This in itself makes Estimating Home Building Costs a must-have for every builder who estimates the costs of residential homebuilding.

These worksheets guide you through calculations for common rafter lengths, headers, and estimating areas of walls and ceilings. There are also time-saving factor tables for roof pitch, jack and hip rafter lengths, brick courses, concrete volume, mortar, and much more.

Once you find how easy the automated Excel worksheets make estimating, you’ll want to use them for every estimate. Just enter your project information on the worksheets and Excel will automatically total each material and labor cost from each stage of construction to a final cost estimate worksheet.

The Author: W.P. Jackson has over 30 years experience as a builder and developer of quality homes, subdivisions and garden apartments. Mr. Jackson has refined his estimating techniques, simplified calculations, and identified all the common pitfalls an estimator may encounter. This book is the product of his efforts.

Table of Contents:

1 The Building Site, 5
Buying the Site, 9
Recording and Legal Fees, 10
Engineering Fees, 11

2 Preliminary Costs, 15
Plot Plans, 16
Building Permits, 18
Water, Sewer, Electric, 22

3 Site Clearing, Excavation and Fill Dirt, 25
Site Clearing, 26
Excavation, 27
Fill Dirt, 30
Site Cleaning and Hauling, 33

4 Footings, 35
Layout, 36
Estimating Concrete Quantity, 36
Estimating Other Material, 41
Estimating Labor Costs, 45

5 Foundations, 53
Estimating Masonry Blocks, 55
Estimating Mortar and Sand, 63
Basement Windows, Foundation Vents and Basement Doors, 65
Lintels, Beams, Column Posts, Anchor Bolts and Reinforcing Steel, 67
Waterproofing and Drain Tile, 71
Miscellaneous Materials 74
Masonry Labor, 75
Other Labor, 76

6 Floor Systems, 79
Sill Plate, Girder, Ledger or Joist Hangers, 82
Subfloor, 93
Labor Costsfor Floor Systems, 100

7 Superstructure, 105
Exterior and Interior Walls, 105
Ceiling and Roof Framing, 126
Porch Shed Roof Framing, 155
Stair Stringers, 158
Labor Costs for Superstructure, 164

8 Roofing, 170
Roof Covering, 171
Nails, 180
Labor Costs for Roofing, 181

9 Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, 183
Electrical, 183
Plumbing, 185
Heating and Air Conditioning, 187

10 Estimating Brickwork, 189
Fireplaces and Chimneys, 195
Labor Costs for Brickwork, 201

11 Energy Saving Materials, 205 Insulation, 206
Estimating Materials, 213

12 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish, 219

13 Exterior Trim, 227
Windows, Exterior Doors, Siding, 228
Fascia, Frieze and Rake Boards, 230
Porch Column Posts, Gable Louvers, Garage Doors, 232
Shutters and Flashing, 233

14 Concrete Floors, Walks and Terraces, 243
Crushed Stone, 244
Welded Wire Fabric, Reinforcing Rods, 246
Tie Wire, VaporBarrier, FormsandScreeds, 247
Additives for Concrete, 248

15 Interior Trim, 259
Flooring and Floor Underlayment, 260
Interior Doors and Window Trim, 262
Baseboard, Baseshoe, and Wall Molding, 263
Paneling, 267
Kitchen Cabinets, Vanities, and Closet Shelves, 270
Stairs, 271
Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets, 273
Tub and Shower Doors, Bathroom Accessories, 274

16 Painting, Floor Covering and Appliances, 281

17 Gutters, Onsite Improvements and Miscellaneous, 287

18 Overhead, Contingency and Profit, 291

Glossary, 295

Includes: Book & CD
By: W.P. Jackson, Edited by Brian Beeston
Published by: Craftsman Book Company
ISBN: 978-157218205-9
336 Pages, 8-1/2 x 11

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