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Concrete at Home:<BR>Innovative Forms and Finishes -<BR>Countertops, Floors, Walls, and Fireplaces

Build artistic custom concrete floors, cabinets, countertops, sinks, dividers, fireplaces, mantlepieces and more!

Concrete at Home has 216 pages and hundreds of ideas for ways to use concrete on the job in this four-color book.

See Close-Up Photos of the Work Actually Being Done! There are photos, diagrams and instructions of framing, pouring and shaping, as well as finish concrete projects.

Expert Information:
  • admixtures
  • crack control
  • custom finishes
  • self-leveling compounds
  • reinforcement techniques
Become an Expert! Learn how to custom design, pour, finish, and seal one-of-a-kind custom interior and exterior floors.

Fundamental Procedures and Techniques:
  • Shows how to apply inlays, linework, and stamps and finishes to concrete floors.
  • Explains how to create custom concrete countertops and sinks.
  • Illustrates the fundamentals of concrete wall design, including innovative uses for concrete block, applying color and texture on walls, using ties, rebar, and forms for walls.
  • Shows how to design, form and place mantlepieces and fireplace surrounds, and how to design, form and pour water pieces, columns, and more from concrete.
Concrete at Home covers the design and building of concrete counters and sinks, floors, walls, fireplaces and patios.

Concrete at Home: Innovative Forms and Finishes -
Countertops, Floors, Walls, and Fireplaces
has unique suggestions for the creative use of columns, fountains and inlays.

This guide has a wealth of information for your concrete projects and business, and because of the author's humor, it's also fun to read.

I Can't Believe it's Concrete!

The author was inspired by the Ahwahnee Hotel:
When I entered--first thing--the floors caught my eye. They were buffed and waxed to a worn-saddle finish. Broad expanses of veined color were cut-in with beautiful incised patterns, as though etched with a tool. Stone? I wondered. I bent down for a closer look, but couldn't figure out how they were made, or of what. Finally I was amazed to realize, these floors are concrete.

When I stood to look around, I saw concrete everywhere, used as I had never seen it used before. I had to know more, so I signed on for the guided tour. We were told that the structure, to reduce the vulnerability to fire, contained little wood. Concrete had been cleverly adapted as finish material to the floors, fireplaces, walls, and beams.

Praise for Concrete Countertops

"CONCRETE AT HOME is brimming with inspiration and practical wisdom. With the sure hand of a master craftsman and the eye of an artist, Fu-Tung Cheng shows his readers how to unleash the extraordinary potential of concrete, and transform this unassuming raw material into unique and sublime architectural forms."
-Joan Kohn, author of It's Your Kitchen and It's Your Bath

"Fu-Tung Cheng has made concrete look and feel soft and warm, and because of his unique treatment, his simple and arresting designs, and his magical mixture of color, if my home were empty, it would still [be full] of art. Because that's what he has made for me."
-Terry McMillan, author

"Fu-Tung Cheng demonstrates that we can bring art and creativity back home in sustainable architecture that is both timeless and elegant."
-Alice Waters, celebrated chef, author, and owner of Chez Panisse


Preface, viii
Introduction, 2

Floors & Countertops

Chapter 1 - The Fundamentals of Floor Design, 8

Chapter 2 - Floor Essentials: Preparation, Execution & Pouring, 24

Chapter 3 - Floor Transformations: Inlays, Linework, Stamps & Finishes, 48

Chapter 4 - New Countertops: Classes, Products, Tools & Techniques, 76


Chapter 5 - The Fundamentals of Wall Design: Character, Form & Expression, 98

Chapter 6 - Wall Essentials: Fittings, Forms, Ties & Techniques, 122

Chapter 7 - Beyond the Basic Wall: The Ultimate Kitchen, 144

Fireplaces, Columns, & Architectural Pieces

Chapter 8 - Hearthscapes: Mantelpieces & Fireplace Surrounds, 162

Chapter 9 - Architectural Elements: Water Pieces, Columns & More, 184

Resources, 208
Index, 213
Credits, 216

Author: Fu-Tung Chen, with Eric Olsen
Published by: Taunton Press
ISBN: 1-56158-682-X
216 Pages, 9 x 11

Concrete at Home cah-c12$32.00

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